OWWA Scholarship 2023 – 2024 Online Application

Those who are looking for scholarships, you are on a roll to the scholarship Online Application, in this Article you will get all the information on how to apply OWWA Scholarship and Scholarship requirements, read all the Steps to find out how to apply Scholarship.

What is OWWA – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Scholarship for Filipino Students.

OWWA Is a Non – Profit Organization, This OWWA is promotes the welfare and wellbeing for a worker who are working in the abroad, the OWWA offers free Educational Opportunities and Scholarship for the students who are looking for scholarship for the Filipinos students, those who are working in abroad

OWWA Scholarship is now currently accepting the scholarship application, Those who are interested may apply for OWWA Scholarship to help them for financial Assistance, Those who are nominated may get the scholarship benefits to their Education,

What is the Overseas Workers welfare Administration Scholarship?

OWWA Scholarship is a NON – Profit Organization that help to promotes the welfare of the people, This OWWA Scholarship Program is mainly designed to the students who are in need of financial support, This is the best opportunities for the students who are in the Filipino. And those who are in need of Scholarship, Students may apply for OWWA Scholarship by the information which is given below.

What is the OFW Dependents scholarship Program?

OFW Scholarship Dependents may apply for the Scholarship form the OWWA, this is the important to keep you are OWWA Membership active if you are on the OFW,

One of the OFW opportunities for Dependent of Scholarship program is, OWWA Scholarship Program is open to the Dependents of the active OOWA Member who are currently enrolled or weather he is planning to enroll  in any of the 4 years – 5years Courses, at any of the university or colleges,

Benefits of OFW Dependent’s Scholarship Programs?

The OFW Dependents Scholarship may provide a Qualifying Dependents For the Present OWWA Members With a Financial Assistance which is given like PHP 20,000.

Who can apply for OWWA Scholarship?

  1. HE/ She must be single.
  2. Not more then 21years of Old.
  3. Students who are with Grade 12 Graduating,
  4. GWA is up to 80% or its equivalent.
  5. Active OWWA Member or a Sibling of a Single mother or a married
  6. Must have a Form 137, Form 138 or a Transcript of Records.

Documents which required to Apply?

You can find the required documents which are listed below:

  1. ID Photo or Pictures of 2 x 2.
  2. OFW Passport ID.
  3. PSA – Philippine Statistics, LCR – Local Registrar.
  4. Form with 317, Form 138, TOR – Transcript of Records.

 Who can apply for OFW Scholarship?

  1. OFWs Active who are more than 45years old – Those who are Deserving Migrant Workers.
  2. Students who are below 21years old of an Active OFWs.
  3. GWA of 80% Without falling Grades with the 20% pf Graduating Class for the Children of the OFW and with no Failing Grades.
  4. Annual Family Gross Income of $2,400.00 or the Gross Annual Income of P76,000.00 of OFW.
  5. Accreditation and Equivalency with the average of at least 85% or maybe equivalent as a certified DEPED Accredited School.

Documents required to Apply for OFW Scholarship?

  1. OFW, ID Passport.
  2. ID Picture of 2 x 2.
  3. Philippines Statistics Authority Birth Certificate
  4. Form 137, Form 138 / TOR – Transcript of Records.
  5. Income Proof of Family any:
  6. Income Tax Returns.
  7. Pay Slips.
  8. OVERSEAS Employment Contract,
  9. If any other applicable. 

How to Apply for OFW Scholarship?

 Those who are interested in this scholarship may apply for the Scholarship which is given in the below link. Students may click on the link which is given below and apply for the Scholarship online.

How to Apply – Online Application

People also ask:

What is the OWWA Scholarship Deadline?

Deadline of OWWA Scholarship is 31, January 2023, Apply Before it Ends.

What are the Benefits of OWWA Scholarship?

The Benefits of OWWA Scholarship is PHP60,000 for the Students each year, This Grand will be given to the Students who are nominated, OFWs will provide this benefits until the completion of 4 to 5 years Courses.

Is OWWA Scholarship still available to apply?

The Deadline for OWWA Scholarship is 31, January 2023, Those who are interested in Scholarship may apply Now, Submit the application online with required Documents,

Source : OWWA

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